Quick Help Videos

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Actio Setup

Applying your personal details on first use of Actio.


Creating a Project

Quickly create a work-breakdown-structure (WBS) for your first project.


Adding Detail

Use the detail view to add description and context for each action.


Adding Due Dates

Add due dates to single or multiple actions.


Creating Owners

Use the Manage Owners window to add owners manually or from Apple Contacts.


Add an Owner to an Action

Add an owner to one or more actions.


Make a Repeating Action

Great for adding regular meetings or payments schedules to your project.


Adding Flags

Apply flags to one or more of your actions to quickly see your priorities.


Basic Filtering

Filter by RAG state to allow you to focus on imminent priorities.

Adding Notes

Add as many notes as you like to each action. Create a history of notes so that you can review what has happened.

Basic Navigation

Use double-click and the breadcrumb tool to navigate around the project.

Drag and Drop

Move or duplicate one or more items to quikcly adjust your WBS.

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