Actio Help

Views & Windows

There are three main views selected by the Views buttons in the tool bar.


List View List View Provides a simple list - one line per action or folder. This view is great for brainstorming and restructuring your work breakdown structure.
Detail View Detail View Provides the same simple list on the left together with the content of the selected action described in panels to the right. This is the view for quickly adding content, dates, repeats and notes to your action.
Page View Page View Allows for the content of each action to be added to each row of the list. This view is great for printing out and for use in meetings.

Action & Note Windows

Two views give you typographical control over your detail and notes:

Action WindowsNote Windows
Action Window Note Window
By double clicking an action in the list you get a new window dedicated to that action. By double clicking a note inside the notes tab, you get a new window dedicated to that note.